FlexCash Tuition Bill Purchase Request

Please complete this form if you wish to purchase Campus FlexCash via your tuition bill based on an actual credit balance or a credit balance resulting from 'Pending' guaranteed financial aid.

Note:  Accounts being paid by a payment plan are not eligible for this program.

 What is Campus FlexCash?

Campus FlexCash are funds held on account that can be accessed at a variety of locations throughout campus with an individual's valid PSU Identification Card.  These funds can be used at the bookstore, all foodservice operations, food and beverage vending machines, laundry rooms, and some campus copy machines. 

For UG Requests Prior to Term Opening (Request deadline = 12pm the Friday of move-in weekend)

  • FlexCash Purchase charges will post to your tuition bill the week prior to 'move-in' weekend.
  • FlexCash Funds will be available for use beginning Sunday of 'move-in' weekend.

For UG Requests During the Term:

  • FlexCash Purchase charges will post to your tuition bill within 24 business hours.
  • FlexCash Funds will be available for use within 48 business hours.

For GR Requests:  

  • Requests can be made up to 5 days prior to the start of your first 3-credits of coursework.
  • FlexCash Purchase charges will post to tuition bills within 24 business hours.
  • FlexCash Funds will be available for use within 48 business hours.

(Note:  If a refund is in process, it will not be stopped for a FlexCash Purchase request.)

IMPORTANT:  The submission of a request does not guarantee this transaction.  A complete audit of the student's account will occur to ensure eligibility for this purchase.   In order to be eligible, the credit on the account must be due to either an 'actual' overpayment on the account or a credit from 'expected' guaranteed loan funds.   If a request is denied, the student will be notified via their "plymouth.edu" email account.  

Questions?  Call Student Account Services at 603-535-2215.

Student ID:


Please enter all nine digits of your ID.  This includes the lead zeros. Ex. 000123456

Student Name:


PSU email address:


Please double check your email address. It must contain "@plymouth.edu".

Amount to Purchase (non-refundable):


Please enter the amount in whole dollars. Ex. $200 must be entered as '200'.

Please enter the amount without a dollar sign. (Ex. $200 must be entered as '200'.

The purchase amount must equal the lessor of the credit balance on your account or $600.  Enter the amount in whole dollars (no cents) and without a $ sign.  (Ex. $200 should be entered as '200')

By typing my name in the following box, I, the above named student,: 

  • authorize this FlexCash purchase to be charged to my tuition bill account
  • acknowledge that this purchase may be based on unearned financial aid funds and that I may be required to pay this expense due to compliance with federal and/or agency guidelines should I withdraw from the school/course.

Authorizing Signature:


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